TTR-04CW Tripod Turnstile

Outdoor Tripod Turnstile for Sheltered Areas

The TTR-04CW Tripod Turnstile is designed for outdoor applications (under shelter) or in facilities without climate control.

A combination of elegance and long-term reliability makes this turnstile a perfect fit for ski resorts.

turnstiles 12 volts


Turnstile passage directions


Turnstiles 30 persons/minute





Fitting Products

WHD-05 Electromechanical Swing Door


BH-02 Railing System


BH-06 Tempered Glass Railing

WMD-06 Motorisierte Schwenktür

WMD-06 Motorized Swing Door


Delivery set

  • Turnstile housing with inbuilt thermocontrol system
  • Control unit
  • Remote control panel
  • Set of barrier arms

A standard delivery set of the TTR-04CW Tripod Turnstile includes a housing, a control unit with inbuilt standby power supply, a remote control panel, a built-in thermocontrol system, and a set of standard barrier arms.

To improve corrosion resistance characteristics of the turnstile, the housing is coated with a 9-micron layer of zinc applied by electro-chemical galvanizing and after that with a fine structure powder coating finish.

Operation of the turnstile is allowed at temperatures from – 40° to + 40°C. The built-in thermocontrol system keeps the temperature inside the turnstile housing at the preset level above 0 °C that allows to use the TTR-04CW at temperatures below 0 °C.

The standby power supply built into the control unit is provided with a lead-acid backup battery to maintain proper operation of the turnstile for 4 hours or 1000 passages in case of the power failure. Once the main power is restored, the battery automatically starts being recharged.

Operating voltage
12 V DC
Power consumption
Consumption current
0.7 A
Number of passage directions
Throughput rate (in the single passage mode)
30 persons/min
Throughput rate (in the free passage mode)
60 persons/min
Dimensions (length×width×height)
Passageway width
600 mm
Operating temperature range, under shelter
from +1 °C to +50 °C
IP Code
Mean lifetime
8 Years
Mean time to failure
4 000 000 passages
Housing, Top cover
Sandpaper poweder coated steel
with pearl mica effect, light beige
Barrier arms
Stainless steel
Powder Coating
Available in RAL colours on order.
Manufacture time/quotation individually
Warranty period
 3 years from the date of sale of the product

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