KT-02 IP Turnstile

Tripod Turnstile with Ethernet Connection

  • KT-02 IP Turnstile for Indoor Areas
  • Robust powder-coated Steel Housing
  • Dynamic LED Display
  • Ethernet Interface
  • Remote Control Panel
  • 2 Card Readers (EMM/HID or MIFARE®)
  • Optional: mechanical “Anti-Panic” Function
  • Optional: RFID HF Reader
turnstiles 12 volts


Turnstile passage directions


Turnstiles 30 persons/minute



IP41 Protection class






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The KT-02 IP Turnstile offers a modern and timeless design due to its steel housing in dark grey.
This Basic Turnstile is designed exclusively for indoor use.

The Turnstile is equipped with two card readers. Optionally with EMM/HID or MIFARE®.

Thanks to the wired remote control included in the standard delivery, the KT-02 can also be conveniently unlocked from your reception.
The basic version of the KT-02 Turnstile is equipped with an emergency key.

This robust turnstile has diverse areas of application:

Public Transport
Wellness Resorts
Swimming Pools
Amusement Parcs

3 Years Warranty after the date of the sale

Elegant Design combined with Robustness

The housing of the KT-02 IP Turnstile is made of durable powder-coated steel. The barrier arms and the front cover consists of robust stainless steel.
It impresses with a timeless design and a high corrosion resistance.

With its IP41 Protection Class, it is suitable for indoor areas.
It withstands temperatures from +1 °C  to +50 °C without any problems.

The turnstile is equipped with three barrier arms.
It allows  sufficient space for your personnel, with a passageway width of 50 cm.

Optimal Performance with high User Density

The turnstile has a throughput rate of 30 persons per minute. In addition, is bidirctional passing possible.
The mean time to failure is 4 000 000 passages and the turnstile has a mean lifetime of 8 years.

For optimum performance, we recommend to install one turnstile for 500 users.

The power supply plantine is located inside the housing. After every passage the reset mechanism sets the barrier arms back in starting position.
The build-in hydraulic damper enable a quiet working  of the turnstile.

Integrated Card Reader for reliable Identification

The turnstile can equipped optionally with two EMM/HID or two MIFARE® card readers.
The integrated access controller has a nonvolatile memory that keeps up to 50,000 cardholders and 135,000 events.

Easy Operability

The KT-02 can be controlled either with a cable remote control device or a wireless control system or as part of access control systems by means of integrated proximity card readers by presenting of an access proximity card, or with a computer, that is connected to Ethernet network.

Perfectly prepared for Emergency Situations

The three barrier arms can equipped with a mechanical anti-panic function.
The mechanical “Anti-Panic” barrier arms ensure a quick evacuation of up to 60 people per minute, in emergency situations.
An integrated mechanical release lock provides the possibility to manually unlock the turnstile housing with a key that sets up the free rotation of folding arms in both directions.

When the power is back on, the Anti-Panic barrier arm has to be manually set back in starting position.

RFID Option for Clear Identification

The housing of the turnstile has the needed equipment to install a RFID Proximity Card Reader.
With the use of RFID Readers, the passing of the turnstile with a special RFID Chip Card or transponder, is possible.
Die service zone of the reader is on the lateral covers of the turnstile and labelled with special Pictogramms.

Optional Visual Verification Software

The use of the additional PERCo-SL02 software with visual verification provides the possibility to prevent unapproved use of authorized ID card which has been stolen, lost or improperly acquired in other circumstances. After the access proximity card’s presentation to the reader, the image of the cardholder from the database shows on the security guard’s computer monitor. The security guard is able to check the face of the entrant against the database image/video camera snapshot and make a decision whether to allow access or not.

SL-01 software. Event list screenshot SL-02 software. Video identification screenshot

KT-02 IP-Stile may be equipped with matching railings for optimized control of pedestrian traffic.

Packaging Content

  • Turnstile with integrated controller and two card readers KT-02.3 – HID/EMM (HID ProxCard II, ISO prox II; EM-Marin IL-05ELR, ЕМ)
  • Remote Control Panel
  • PERCo-SL01 free single-user software
  • Standard/anti-panic barrier arms (the type is chosen by a Client)
  Technical Data
Operating Voltage 12 V DC
Power Consumption 10 W
Consumption Current 0.8 A
Communication Interface Ethernet
Card Reader 2
Reading Range min. 6 cm
Number of Cards 50.000
  Performance Characteristics
Number of Passage Directions 2

Throughput rate
(in the single passage mode)


Throughput rate
(in the free passage mode)

30 Persons/min


60 Persons/min

Mean Lifetime 8 years
Mean time to failure 4 000 000 Passages
“Anti-Panic” Function optional (mechanical)
Emergency Key 1
Warranty Time 3 years from the date of sale of the product
  Physical Characteristics


(Length × Width × Height)


Passageway Width


640 × 683 × 1.040 mm


500 mm

Operating Temperature +1 °C bis +50 °C
IP Protection Class IP41
———————————–Top Cover | Barrier Arms
Steel – sandpaper powder-coated
sandpaper powder coating with pearl mica effect; dark grey colour
Stainless Steel
stainless steel

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