WHD-05 Electromechanical Swing Gate

Indoor Swing Gate with
650 mm or 900 mm Swing Panels

  • WHD-05 Electromechanical Swing Gate
  • 2 different Swing Panel Frame Widths
  • Powder-coated Steel Gate Post
  • 2 different Double-sided Info Signs
  • Free or denied Access
  • Barrier-free Access
turnstiles 12 volts


Turnstile passage directions




IP41 Protection class

Protection Class

Fitting Products


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The WHD-05 Swing Gate is a economical cost-effective Access Control Solution for Indoor Areas.
Simplicity is the key feature of this swing gate model. This swing gate can be perfectly integrated to control pedestrian traffic or visitor flow.
The swing gate can be used either as a free passage system or as a barrier to certain areas.

The WHD-05 Swing Gate is available in 2 different Passageway Widths.

Thanks to the wired remote control included in the standard scope of delivery,
the WHD-05 can also be conveniently controlled from your reception.

The Application Areas of the swing gate are various:

business-centres Public Buildings
Swimming Pools
shopping-centers Supermarkets

3 Years Warranty Time from date of Sale

Robustness combines with Long Life Cycle

The WHD-05 Swing Gate with Swing Panel Frame is a simple Access Control System, which is an economical solution for entrance areas of public buildings, supermarkets, swimming pools, hotels or museums.

The gate post consist of powder-coated steel and the Swing Panel Frame is of stainless steel. Thanks to P41 Protection class, the swing gate is perfectly protected against dirt or water. It withstands operating temperatures from +1 °C to +45 °C.

The WHD-05 Swing Gate is available in 2 different Swing Panel Frame Widths: 650 mm or 900 mm with an extended Passageway.

During passage, the swing panel wing is manually swung out and after a person has passed through,
the swing panel wing is automatically reset. A hydraulic damper ensures shock-free rotation.

The extended version provides convenient and comfortable access for wheelchair users and people with bulky goods.
We recommend leaving an additional distance of 50 cm when installing the swing gate near a wall.

Optimal Performance for your User Density

The Swing Gate has Throughput Rate of up to 22 Persons per minute. It is also bi-directionally passable.
In total it has a total output of 1,500,000 passes and an operating time of 8 years.

Perfectly equipped in Emergency Situations

The built-in emergency power source ensures operation of the swing door in the event of a power failure.

When all power sources are switched off, a free passage through the swing door in both directions is triggered.
However, it can be configured to a door with one direction using a mechanical rotation limiter, which is included in the standard scope of supply.
The limiter allows the setting of a one-way rotation of the swing door and provides electrical control in one direction.

Packaging Content

  • WHD-05 Swing Gate
  • 650 mm or 900 mm Swing Panel Frame
  • Double-sided Info Sign
  • Remote Panel
  • PERCo-SL01 free single-user software
  Technical Data
Operating Voltage 12 ±1.2 V DC
Power Supply 14 W
Consumption Current 1.2 A
  Performance Characteristics
Number of Passageway Directions 2

Throughput Rate in the
single passage mode

ASG-650: 22 Persons / minute
ASG-900: 20 Persons / minute

Average daily throughput
in the single passage mode
3.000 Passageways
Mean Lifetime 8 Years
Mean Time to Failure 1.500.000 Passageways
Warranty Time 3 years from date of sale
  Physical Characteristics

(Length × Width × Height)
ASG-650: 650 mm
ASG-900: 900 mm

(Length × Width × Height)
1.040 × 780 × 160 mm
1.040 × 1.030 × 160 mm

Passageway Width


ASG-650: Standard
ASG-900: Extended

We assume an additional space of 50 cm
between Swing Panel Frame and Wall.

650 mm
900 mm

Operating Temperature +1 °C to +45 °C
IP Protection Class IP41
electorstatic Electric Shock
Protection Class
III (IEC 61140)
Gate Post


Swing Panel Frame

Sandpaper Powder-coated Steel
with pearl mica effectOptional: light beige
or dark grey


Stainless Steel


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