ST-01 Speed Gate

with 4 different Passageway Widths

  • High-Quality ST-01 Speed Gate for Indoor Use
  • 4 different Passageway Widths
  • Robust Stainless Steel Housing
  • Dynamic LED Display
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Remote Control Panel
  • Optional: 2x RFID HF Reader


Turnstile passage directions




IP41 Protection class




with ATG-300H Swing Panel


with ATG-300 Swing Panel

with ATG-425 Swing Panel

with ATG-475 Swing Panel

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The ST-01 Speed Gate offers with its stainless steel housing a modern and exclusive Design.
The application area of this high-quality Speed Gate was exclusively designed for Indoor Use.

The Speed Gate is available with 4 different Passageway Widths with Swing Panels of 10 mm tempered Glass.

Thanks to the wired remote control included in the standard scope of delivery
the ST-01 can also be unlocked conveniently from your reception desk.

The Application Areas are various for this high-quality Speed Gate:

Wellness Resorts
Swimming Pools
Theme Parcs

3 Year Warranty after the date of the sale

Exclusive Design combined with Robustness

The housing of ST-01 Speed Gate consists of durable and stainless steel.
The top cover is optionally available with a high-quality black 10 mm tempered glass, robust stainless steel or tempered glass mit stainless steel insert.
The Speed Gate impresses with its modern design and high corrosion resistance.

Thanks to IP41 Protection Class it is ideally suitable for environments at indoor areas.

It maintains operating temperature environments from +1 °C to +50 °C.

The ST-01 Speed Gate is in 3 different versions available: 650 mm with short or high Swing Panels,
900 or 1,000 mm with an extended passageway.

The Swing Panels are motorized and consists of robust 10 mm tempered glass.

The extended Version offers convenient access for wheelchair users and persons with bulky goods.
The turnstile offers enough space for your passengers with a passage width of 50 cm.

Optimal Performance with High User Density

The Speed Gate has a Throughput Rate of up to 60 Persons per minute. It is also bidirectionally passable.
It has a total capacity of 500,000 passes and an mean lifetime value of 8 years.

The number of passage zones can be increased with the double-sided profile mounting STD-01.
Each double-sided section creates an additional passageway.

Fail-safe operation ensures free passage in an emergency.

Optional Card Readers for reliable Identification

The turnstile can be equipped with either two EMM/HID or two MIFARE® card readers.
The integrated access controller has a fixed memory for up to 50,000 card holders and 135,000 events.

Easy Operability

The ST-01 Speed Gate can be controlled either with a wired or wireless remote control or as part of access control systems using an integrated proximity card reader by presenting an access card or with a computer connected to an Ethernet network.

Perfectly prepared for Emergency Situations

In emergency situations after receiving a signal from an ACS or an emergency call button, the swing panels
are opened in a predetermined direction, in case of power failure the swing panels are unlocked.

If the speed gate receives an emergency signal, the speed gate switches off automatically
and allows a quick passage by pushing the swing panels slightly backwards.

The tracking system is equipped with two levels of intrusion detectors, 14 on the upper level and 28 on the lower level, which ensures high security of passage at high throughput rates and protection against unauthorized simultaneous passage of two or more persons. Display modules indicating the direction of passage are located on the tops of the gate posts of the turnstile. The refusal-of-access indicator modules are located in the user’s field of vision on the central post of the Speedgate.

RFID Option for Clear Identification

The Speed Gate offers the possibility of installing proximity card readers under the glass cover in the posts.
By using this RFID reader, the passage can be made passable by special RFID chip cards or transponders.
The reader’s operating zones are marked with special pictograms on the side covers of the turnstile.

Optional visual Verification Software

The use of the additional software PERCo-SL02 with visual verification offers the possibility to prevent the unauthorized use of a stolen, lost or under other circumstances improperly acquired identity card. After presenting the access card to the reader, the image of the cardholder from the database appears on the guard’s computer screen. The security guard is able to check the participant’s face against the database image/video camera snapshot and make a decision whether or not to allow access.

SL-01 software. Event list screenshot SL-02 software. Video identification screenshot

The unit can be operated as a control unit as part of the ACS or as a stand-alone unit from the RC panel.

Packaging Content

  • Speed Gate
  • Remote Control Panel
  • RC Panel
  • PERCo-SL01 free single-user software
  • Swing Panels (the type is chosen by the client)
  Technical Data
Operating Voltage 24 ± 2.4 VDC
Power Consumption 160 W
Consumption Current 6.5 A
Card Reader (optional) 2
Reading Range min. 6 cm
Number of Cards 50.000
Communication Interface TCP / IP
  Performance Characteristics
Number of Passage Directions 2

Throughput rate
(in the single passage mode)

60 Persons / minute

Mean Lifetime 8 Years
Mean time to failure
500 000 Passages
Warranty Time 3 years from the date of sale of the product
  Physical Characteristics

(Length × Width × Height)
ATG-300: 650 mm with short Swing Panels
ATG-300H: 650 mm with high Swing Panels
ATG-425: 900 mm with large Passageway
ATG-475: 1,000 mm with large Passageway

(Length × Width × Height)
1.820 × 1.050 × 1.010 mm
1.820 × 1.050 × 1.300 mm
1.820 × 1.300 × 1.010 mm
1.820 × 1.400 × 1.010 mm

Passageway Width
ATG-300: Short Swing Panels
ATG-300H: High Swing Panels
ATG-425: Large Passageway
ATG-475: Large Passageway

650 mm
650 mm
900 mm
1,000 mm
Operating Temperature +1 °C to +50 °C
IP Protection Class IP41
Top Cover———————————–
Swing Panel
Stainless Steel  stainless steel
– 10 mm black tempered glass
– Stainless Steel
– Tempered Glass with Stainless Steel Insert
10 mm tempered glass

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