Real-Time people counting with web interface for turnstiles

Personenzähler in Echtzeit für Drehkreuze
  • People counting (in real time)
  • Easy integration into the turnstiles TTR-08, TTD-08, TTD-10
  • Integrated LED indicators show access authorization
  • Web interface for monitoring the persons present
  • Simple and complex access systems possible:
    • Basic version = 2 Counting controller (for one input and one output)
    •  Extended = +1 Counting controller (je zusätzlichen Ein-/ Ausgang)


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Our ID EVENT MASTER counts in real time people who are in a delimited area. It can be ideally integrated into our TTR-08, TTD-08 and TTD-10 turnstiles. By automatically locking and unlocking the turnstile, the operator can ensure that the maximum number of people is not exceeded and social distance is maintained.

Via LAN / WiFi, various parameters can be configured and monitored live using the supplied web interface:

  • Maximum utilization of people who are in one or more areas
  • Threshold value above which a warning message is transmitted due to imminent maximum utilization and access can be slowed down to ensure “social distance”.
  • Entrances/Exit direction: Setting whether turnstiles can be used uni- or bidirectionally

The control unit can be used for simple access systems with two turnstiles positioned side by side for entry and exit (basic version) or for more complex access systems with up to 4 entries and exits (extended version).

► Application areas

stage Events / Fairs
Christmas markets
logistics Discos / Clubs
Museum Libraries / Museums
Personenzähler für Geschäfte oder Supermärkte Retail/ Supermarkets
fitness Leisure/ sports facilities

Web-Interface enables real-time monitoring of all parameters


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Personenzähler für Drehkreuze





Personenzählung Zutrittskontrolle