IC-05 Card Capture Reader

for Card Return at Exit


The IC-05 card capture reader is designed to operate within an ACS as a device for reading, capturing and keeping proximity cards issued to visitors and meant for return at exit.

turnstiles 12 volts


1 to 55 temperature


IP41 Protection class


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The IC-05 Card Capture Reader combines with its stainless steel housing a modern and elegant design.
This card capture reader is especially developed for indoor areas.

The card capture reader is used as a card reader for one-time visitor or customer cards.
The cards are returned directly to the device – the cards are collected in the collection container.

In combination with our Speed Gates the card capture reader can be used as card reader.

The Application Areas are various:

iconfinder_Premium_Content_4074101 VIP Areas
Office Buildings
Museum Exhibitions
Theme Parcs

3 year warranty from the date of sale

The IC-05 card capture reader impresses with its elegant and modern design. The housing is made of robust stainless steel. The cover is of black tempered glass.  This card acceptor can be perfectly integrated in combination with our Speed Gates.

The IC-05 is used for access control of visitors or customers. When leaving the building or event, the access cards are retained in the device.

The card receiver has a large perforated slot on the top side. There the cards are inserted and returned. Due to the enlarged opening, the card holder is also suitable for badges with clips. It has a capacity of up to 350 cards.

The easy-to-remove card container is located on the front of the card capture reader, so that the card pick-up can be mounted directly on the turnstile or on the wall.

The IC-05 card capture reader is a multi-purpose device that has no limitations in the choice of different card types and interface formats for the reader output.

  Technical Data
Operating Voltage 12 ± 1.2 V DC
Consumption Current max. 3.0 A
Power Consumption max. 36 W
Card Reader 1
Reading Range min. 6 cm
Number of Persons 50.000
Communication Interfaces RS-485, Wiegand
Capacity of Card Reader 350 Cards
  Performance Characteristics
Mean Lifetime 8 years
Mean Time to Failure 1.000.000 Cards
Warranty Time 3 years from date of sale
  Physical Characteristics

(Length × Width × Height)

197 × 157 × 990 mm


max. 15 kg
Operating Temperature +1 °C to +55 °C
IP Protection Class IP41 (EN 60529)
elektrische-spannung Electric Shock Protection Class III (IEC 61140)
Stainless Steel
Black Tempered Glass

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