WiFi/WLAN people counter with display terminal for the retail trade

  • Application is ideal for crowd control in retail, supermarkets, drugstores, pharmacies, etc.
  • Integrated sensors detect passages in both directions (incoming and outgoing people).
  • Suitable for one entrance/exit as well as for several entrances/exits (master-slave)
  • Display of a traffic light system via WLAN/WiFi on the ID INFO 8000 terminal
  • The setting of the maximum person limit via a web interface
  • Reliable limitation of capacity utilisation following official regulations
  • Very easy set-up via Plug & Play


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Our ID SHOP MASTER consists of WLAN people counter(s) and a modern ID INFO 8000 display terminal. It is ideal for monitoring the occupancy in access areas with one or more entrances/exits.

1 Entrance/Exit
If there is only one entrance/exit, thanks to 2 integrated sensors in the
photoelectric barrier, passages in both directions and thus both incoming and outgoing persons are recorded with one counter.

Multiple Entrances/Exits (up to 8 pcs.)
A people counter mounted at each entrance or exit. People entering are counted at the entrances and people leaving are counted at the
exits. The recorded count is transmitted to the terminal via WLAN. There, it is displayed in the form of a traffic light system whether further people may enter (green) or must wait (red). The person limit and other parameters can be set individually in a web interface according to requirements or regulations.

The person limit and other parameters can be set individually in a web interface.

Various parameters can be configured via LAN / WiFi with the help of the supplied web interface:

  • Maximum load (person limit)
  • Language (de/en/fr/es/nl/pt)
  • Display mode
  • Direction change
  • Reset counter reading

► Application areas

Personenzähler für Geschäfte oder Supermärkte Retail/ Supermarkets
Zutrittskontrolle in Krankenhäusern Christmas markets/ fairs
Museum Libraries/ Museums
logistics Discos/ Clubs/ Restaurants


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