Reliable verification of vaccination certificates

Vaccination status check
  • digital status control of COV-19-EU vaccination certificates in combination with singularization systems
  • plug-and-play with conventional power connection
  •  no queues, fast access
  •  no additional staff required for manual access contro
  •  no entries with invalid vaccination
  • vaccination cards
  • cost saving

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Vaccination status check for access control implemented digitally

Due to the pandemic, the question often arises: How to integrate the COV-19-vaccination status check as an access control solution?

Until now, manual access controls had to be carried out at the entrance in the event, gastronomy, public and leisure sector, which is associated with high personnel expenditure and costs.

We now have the optimal solution for your facility.

These are your advantages:

  • No or low personnel requirement (economic efficiency)
  • Digital verification of all COV-19-EU certificates according to government requirements (legal security)
  • Confidential treatment of health information (data protection)
  • Vaccination status check in approx. 2 seconds

The system consists of a controller, a QR-code reader and a turnstile. It can be operated without internet connection/in offline mode or with online connection to the EU-DCC gateway. Visual signals for admission are generated via connected turnstile.

Depending on the requirements, electronic visitor lists can be generated or, if requiered, a two-factor-check can be applied.

We offer our solution as an installation-kit for system integrators, but also ready for plug & play usage as a complete solution including turnstiles, speed gates or control columns.

The controller can directly control singularization systems as doors, turnstiles, etc. and is expandable by up to four additional additional QR-code readers.

Additional options available for full access control:

  • TTR-08, TTD-08, TTD-10 series turnstiles.
  • Additional access systems can be controlled via the integrated relay interface.

Areas of application:

  •  Restaurants
  •  Bars
  •  Clubs
  •  Cinemas
  •  Events/Festivals
  •  Swimming pools
  •  Gyms
  •  Public areas
  •  Government departments
  •  Retirement residences
  •  Hospitals
  •  Christmas markets
  •  Folk festivals
  •  Airports
  • Public transportation

Technical Data

  •  TTR-08A Tripod
  •  Dimensions with locking arms: W x H x D 789 x 777 x 1084mm
  •  Passage frequency: 30 People /Minute

2D QR-Code readers

  •  5V Direct current
  •  Reader controller for up to 4 QR code readers
  •  Top-hat rail power supply unit


  • PoE supply unit
  •  IP 65 Case
  •  Electronic attendance documentation
  • Upgrade to TTD-10 three arm column turnstile


  • Controller: W x H x D 250 x 200 x 122mm (in the case)
  •  QR-Code reader: W x H x D: 78.7 x 67.7 x 47.5mm (integrated in the turnstile)

Product features:

  • ontroller reads COVID19 QR-certificates stored in smartphone apps (e.g. CovPass, Luca app) and RKI-compliant
    QR-code printouts on paper and decodes the COVID19 QR
    certificate locally, optionally anonymously
  •  Direct connection to the RKI for online testing via network is
  • Installation in intercoms, turnstiles, separation-systems possible
  • Up to 4 relays controllable (nominal switching capacity 6A / 230VAC)
  • The COV PASS barcode/QR-code reader can be installed up to 5 meters away from the controller
  • Integration into access control and time recording systems possible

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