About Us

As an experienced and innovative manufacturer and developer of high-quality RFID readers and transponders, we are regarded as one of the pioneers in the field of contactless identification using RFID technology. With our world-class service and an unmatched selection of smart cards, RFID tags, wristbands, and keyfobs, we have also been serving large and important customers in various sectors for many years.

The application areas of our RFID products range from member/visit management, operational security, and organization to cashless payment systems.

For years we have been supplying the fitness and leisure market with products from our WellFIT range. With the increasing demand from other areas in the area of access control, we are now expanding our range with suitable products from our SecureACCESS division.

Since 2003 we have been supporting the market with our experience and products in the field of RFID, which is now also finding their way into the areas of access control and security.